S.A.E. Group Srl

L’azienda Oggi

The company today: S.A.E Group srl is considered one of the most qualified companies in Italy for the industrial production of transmissions for power. The catalogue of their products includes high quality products. These are cutting edge and incredibly durable. These include Slip Rings, Rotatory Joint Configurations, Brushes, Brush Holders, Fluidic Joints, Stamp and other holders. The company has an established presence in the market and since its founding is now working with differing industrial sectors including Packaging, Bottling, Labelling and Bagging.

Target Area

The production keeps high quality standard and develop4 a big variety of instruments for the transmission of the signal and of the electric impulses that are used in different sector. Actually, the products of our catalogues are dislocated in different area of the north of Italy, in the south and also outside the country. Thanks to the continue research on the technologies progress and on the new innovations for the company, S.A.E. Group srl has reached also the international market.


Extra: S.A.E Group srl has more than 30 years of experience in planning and in the distribution of instruments able to transfer electricity like slip rings (flat or vertical), rotatory joint configuration, brushes and Brushes holders, Fluidic joint and isolated stamps. This company has always paid attention to the development of the Italian and international market, thanks to the great specialization and knowledge of its staff. This means it is always capable of answering every single requirement made by his customers.

The high flexibility and the adaptability of the company means it can produce products made to measure from customer requirements.

Technologies and Certification

From the beginning of his life S.A.E. Group srl has always paid attention to the requirements of his customer and to a market that continues to evolve. For this reason, the real focus of the company has become the pursuit of new ways to improving the efficiency of the products, upgrading product systems and the continuous research of new materials. The company has always been able to find innovative solution that have increased performance.

This focus has meant that we have invested in the qualification of the company from the year 2000 thanks to the certification ISO 9001. This focus shows that the company ensures that every single product made is to a higher standard and within the relevant regulatory requirements.

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