SAE Group

Stampaggio Accessori Elettromeccanici

Per qualsiasi esigenza di contatti elettrici rotanti

S.A.E Group srl is an Italian company specialising on the production of electric components for power and signals transmission (only for industrial use). Examples include electrical slip rings (vertical or flat), rotary joint configurations, brushes and brush holders, and fluidic joints. This Company is situated in the middle of the Brianza area in the north of Italy. Since It was founded in 1982, it has become one of the leaders in the sector thanks to an incredibly strong work ethic and a great technical background. This allows the company to satisfy the different requirements of a market that it is continuously evolving. Services include standard products and made to measure products depending of the needs of our customers. This means that the company works with differing sectors in Italy from Packaging, Bottling, Labelling to Bagging and Port, etc.

Catalogo SAE Group

The Sae Group catalog contains the technical information of our standard products and the forms for requesting offers or sending your orders.

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