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S.A.E Group Srl produce and manufacture electrical slip rings, both vertical or flat, for industrial use only. Our catalogue has a wide variety of products with differing dimensions, transmission capacity and differing amounts of electric contacts. These can all be customised to customer requirements and thanks to this we can offer countless variations to our products.

The experience we have and flexibility we offer, allows us to produce slip rings of every dimensions. These are from 35mm to 500m in diameter with a number of contacts up to 70 rings.

The slip ring represents the most important component of the electrical contact strip. The most important figure of our slip rings is that all of them are one-piece, organised in one single structure where every single ring is made for the electrical conduction. These are printed and then worked. The slip rings can be made of Bronze with silvered or golden rings, with silver rings or with a combination of the two.

S.A.E Srl also produces flat slip ring that allow different uses from the usual cylindrical model. In this case the transmission of the power is applied on the vertical axis not on the radial one. The slip rings can be made with different diameter depending on the number of the rings (from 1 to 13) and from the power required.

A wide variety of slip rings are required for the different machinery used in the nutritional industry, mechanical industry, steel industry, for the labelling and the packaging industry, for cargo handling, the construction and building industry, and for the Eolic and oleo-dynamic sector.

The customisation of a thermosetting resin allows the slip rings to have better stability, strength and durability. This increases the functionality of the product.

The production includes standard slip rings with diameter up to 300 mm. Customisation can be done for any kind of requirement up to a maximum of 700mm diameter.

S.A.E Group srl is today considered an expert in our field both in and out of Italy. This is thanks to our ability to customised our products to customers requirement.

Collettori con anelli in argento

  • Collettori con diametro fino a 80mm
  • Anelli in bronzo, bronzo duro o argento 925
  • Possibilità di combinare anelli diversi
  • Adatti per trasmissione di segnale a bassa potenza
  • Trasmissione di segnali ProfiBUS, CanBUS, DeviceNET, Ethernet

Collettori piatti

  • Collettori ad anelli piatti con sistema bloccaggio spazzole
  • Da 1 a 13 anelli, di diverse dimensioni
  • Anelli in bronzo o argentati
  • Bloccaggio e trasmissione tramite rotazione orizzontale

Collettori standard e speciali

  • Diametri da 35 mm a 600 mm
  • Da 1 a 72 anelli
  • Piste in bronzo con altezze differenti
  • Possibilità di argentatura e doratura degli anelli

Collettori con anime in acciaio e chiavette

  • Diametri da 40 mm a 600 mm
  • Anime in ferro o acciaio per il fissaggio
  • Chiavetta o filettatura interna
  • Da 1 a 72 anelli

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