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S.A.E. Group Srl produces, develops and delivers rotatory joint configurations for electrical application in industrial machinery. This is for the transmission of electrical power and for the transmission of a signal from a fixed point to a rotatory place. Thanks to our extensive experience from many years it is possible for us to provide a wide variety of products suited to individual customer requirements.

All of the Rotary joint’s configuration are available in different measurements with differing degrees of protection and materials depending on their use. The electrical transmission can be put together with a hydraulic when the rotatory configuration is combined with a fluidic joint.

The rotary joints configuration is made with metal like Foil, Inox or Steel. The level of protection is guaranteed from the seal and the shell, depending on the needs. In case of some small applications, it is also possible to use covers made of insulation materials (like transparent Teflon or heavy Plastic).

The use of contact strips is common to different productive sectors: from the mechanical industry to the food industry, from the building sector to bagging, transport, cargo-handling, packaging, labelling and bottling, but also in Eolic, Chemical, Farming and Petrochemical areas.

S.A.E. Group Srl designs high performance, versatile and pioneering products, that are easy to manage with and excellent life duration. Also we carefully great quality with competitive pricing.

The company allows for the customisation of our products. It is possible for our customers to describe the exact technical specifications and the dimensions of the models or to modify our existing products if needed. Our technical team provide incredible customer service and assistance to every single customer query.

Are you interested in our products?

If you have any questions about any of our models or their features please contact our technical team.