S.A.E Group Srl provides different services to our customers. We have highly professional and knowledgeable staff and carefully follow every order. We are able to work to every single customer request including those that require customisation.The company guarantees technical support for all our products. Over the last 30 years flexibility and proficiency have become a core part of the company. Thanks to this attitude the company has been able to develop great relationships with some of the most important Italian and international industries.


S.A.E. Group Srl provides technical guidance for the selection of products. The customers can have support during the selection of components and can easily contact our staff for assistance free of charge.Thanks to the experience from the last decade in this sector, the company has the ability to answer any customer queries regardless of complexity.

S.A.E Group Srl has great knowledge about the different industrial applications. Because of this we can help the customer with products, instruments and components for any kind of use.Thanks to the large variety of products, S.A.E Group Srl can satisfy any kind of needs. Also if it is required to modify or customise materials, or the dimensions of the product.


S.A.E Group Srl has helpful customer service and guaranteed support for every technical problem. The technical staff are available to do any inspection required, any maintenance operations, and for the changing of the components that are not working properly. Thanks to great flexibility in production, the company can respond as soon as there is any non-conformity with a product. The staff are also able to meet our customers to discuss any new projects and any possible solutions we can offer. If you have any enquiries regarding technical support, please contact the staff of S.A.E Group Srl and ask for a meeting.

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If you have any questions about any of our models or their features please contact our technical team.